Virus Antibodies for Infectious Disease Research

Creative Biolabs is committed to accelerating the infectious disease researches and offers high quality virus antibodies. We are proud to be your trusted partner in advancing your virology breakthroughs, from research to preclinicals. We have been setting the top standard in quality antibody reagents for over 10 years.

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  • ClGHV3
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  • HCoV_229E
  • HCoV_NL63
  • HPV16
  • HuBHV5
  • HuGHV4
  • IAV
  • LCMV
  • MARV
  • RABV
  • VACV
  • WNV
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Virus Antibody Discovery Services with pepFastX™ Platform

Innovate with world-class equipment and lab facilities supported by our in-house team of professional scientists, we developed a novel pepFastX™ antibody discovery platform. It is a fast antibody screening platform based on a pre-made mouse monoclonal antibody library against peptides derived from millions of proteins across hundreds of species. The mAb products can be delivered within 2-3 months.

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Our Mission

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to making your success our goal. We are committed to providing virology researchers with the highest quality antibodies so they may focus on their research.

Your satisfaction is our passion. Our mission, is your complete satisfaction with our ViroAntibody products.

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