Anti-BatAdV Drug Discovery Products

Bat Adenovirus (BatAdV), a member of the Adenoviridae family, is a respiratory pathogen that primarily infects bats. This virus has a diameter of approximately 90 nm and is icosahedral in shape. The BatAdV genome is a linear, double-stranded DNA molecule that encodes various genes involved in virus replication and pathogenesis.

BatAdV is transmitted through direct contact with infected bats or through aerosols generated from their environment. The virus targets the respiratory tract of bats, causing respiratory disease and mortality. BatAdV has been shown to be highly contagious within bat populations, with infected bats capable of spreading the virus to other bats through social interactions or shared roosts.

Studies on BatAdV have provided insights into the evolution and ecology of adenoviruses in bats. Additionally, BatAdV has been proposed as a potential vector for delivering therapeutic genes to treat respiratory diseases in humans and other animals. At Creative Biolabs, we provide a wide range of reagents and research tools such as antibodies to support BatAdV research.

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