Anti-RuV Drug Discovery Products

Rubella virus (RuV), also known as the cause of German measles, belongs to the Togaviridae family and Rubivirus genus. This virus has a single serotype. It typically causes a mild rash and fever in humans, but in some cases can lead to serious birth defects if contracted by pregnant women. With the help of advanced scientific research, effective vaccines are available to prevent the infection of the rubella virus.

The Rubella virus is a small, enveloped virus with approximately 50-60 nm in diameter. The genome is a single-stranded RNA with 9.7kb in length. Its genome consists of two ORFs. The 3' ORF encodes the structural proteins including the capsid protein (C) and the envelope protein (E1 and E2). The capsid protein forms the icosahedral capsid that protects the viral genome. The E protein plays a key role in viral attachment to host cells. The 5'-proximal ORF encodes the non-structural proteins including p150 and p90.

At Creative Biolabs, we provide various anti-Rubella virus antibody products for researchers to assist in their studies. Our antibodies undergo rigorous testing to ensure their specificity and sensitivity for use in various experimental designs.

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