Pseudovirus List

Pseudoviruses are valuble and useful virological tools because of their safety and versatility, especially for highly infectious diseases, such as recently emerging and evolving COVID-19. Due to the high pathogenicity and infectivity, infectious virus must be handled under biosafety level 3 (BSL3) conditions. This hindered the virus researches and the development of anti-viral therapeutics. Creative Biolabs offers pseudoviruses generated by co-transfection 293T cells with packaging vector, reporter vector and a plasmid encoding specific virus proteins. Pseudovirus has no replication capability, but express the specific envelope protein which is responsible for virus entry into host cells. The safe, convenient, reliable and effective pseudovirus-based assays have been developed in BSL-2 facilities as an alternative to BSL-3 live virus restrictions. Together with our pseudohost, pseudovirus can be used in the following applications.

  • Pseudovirus-based inhibition assay for the detection of neutralizaitn antibodies.
  • Pseudovirus-based inhibition assay for the detection of anti-virus entry inhibitors.
  • Evaluating the vaccine candidate-induced neutralizing antibodies against the highly pathogenic virus.

Pseudovirus packaging. Fig.1 Pseudovirus packaging.

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