Virus Antibody Discovery Services with pepFastX™ Platform

pepFastX™ Platform - A Pre-made Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Screening Library enables Rapid and High Throughput Antibody Discovery

Creative Biolabs specializes in antibody discovery, development, and production for virology research. Innovate with world-class equipment and lab facilities supported by our in-house team of professional scientists, we developed a novel pepFastX™ antibody discovery platform. It is a fast antibody screening platform based on a pre-made mouse monoclonal antibody library against peptides derived from millions of proteins across hundreds of species. The mAb products can be delivered within 2-3 months. Our platform provides strong support for the development of some urgent projects. Compared with traditional antibody discovery platforms such as hybridoma or phage display technologies, the pepFastX™ mAb Screening Platform is highly efficient.

Workflow of pepFastX™ Platform.

Synthesis of Polypeptide

  • 5-30 antigen peptides design and synthesis
  • 10-15 AA

(The standard package is 5 peptides)

Coupling to Microarray

  • Peptide coupling

Microarray Screening

  • Antibody screening against 5 peptides
  • Fluorescence intensity measurement by a fluorescence scanner

ELISA Validation

  • Affinity validation by ELISA

Ascites Purification

  • Antibody purification

Fig.1 Workflow of pepFastX™ Platform.


  • Antibody multispecificity: large mouse monoclonal antibody library containing > 60k antibodies.
  • High throughput: High throughput antibody microarray screening technology for different types of antigens.
  • Amazing speed: Compared to conventional methods, our technology helps save your time.
  • High screening success rates: Generated monoclonal antibodies for a multitude of antibody applications.

Service Details

Antigen Generation

For any proteins, we will design and synthesize 5-30 antigen peptides that contain potential antibody epitopes for antibody screening. Peptides are mostly 10 to 15 amino acids in length.

Antibody Screening

The biotin-labeled antigen peptides are hybridized with library array and incubated overnight. Antibody binding is detected by Cy3-Streptavidin. The fluorescent intensity of each antibody spot is screened and normalized with internal control.

Antibody Identification

We validate the screened antibody candidates using ELISA and send you the results.

Antibody Purification

Purification of selected monoclonal antibody to obtain high-purity and high-activity antibody protein.


• SDS-PAGE > 95%


• More than 1 positive ascites.
• Purified antibodies.
• COA file.

Turnaround Time

As fast as 2-3 months.

Application Guarantee

An ELISA-positive result against the immunogen.

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As one of the world's leading antibody suppliers, we provide this mouse mAb screening services for a wide range of virology species. Our rapid antibody screening strategies can meet the requirements of different clients and the growing market demands. One of the dedicated project managers is available to answer any questions about our services and stay up-to-date on the status of your service.

All products and services are intended for Research Use Only, and NOT to be used in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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