Microneutralization Assay

Microneutralization Assay

The gold standard for detecting functional neutralizing antibodies is the microneutralization assay. Creative Biolabs, as antiviral experts, provides microneutralization assay services to quantify neutralizing titers in serum, antibody, and hybridoma samples. We detect single-infected cells to perform microneutralization 384- and 96-well plates.

Neutralization Assays

In a variety of ways, antibodies can prevent and neutralize viral infectivity. The microneutralization assay is a highly specific confirmatory test for measuring neutralizing antibodies or antibodies with the ability to neutralize viruses. This method is currently regarded as the gold standard because it can evaluate and detect functional neutralizing antibodies.

Various methods have been developed to detect the antibody titer for specific viruses, but the basic principle remains the same: a serial dilution of heat-inactivated serum or antibody is mixed with a fixed concentration of virus, and the two are then added to appropriate cells and incubated. Finally, infection inhibition is measured using a variety of methods, including immunofluorescence and tissue culture infective dose 50. (TCID50).

Overview of microneutralization assay.Fig.1 Overview of microneutralization assay. (Klimov, et al., 2012)

Our Neutralization Assay Service

The microneutralization assay, which is amenable to high-density microplates, is a highly sensitive and specific assay for detecting virus-specific neutralizing antibodies and their corresponding titers. The majority of microneutralization assays use cytopathic effects (CPE) or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). Furthermore, immunofluorescence staining of a viral protein or the use of viruses expressing a fluorescent reporter construct provides a reliable assay format for determining the neutralizing effects of test antibodies. Our microneutralization assay at Creative Biolabs is designed to require less testing material. This assay is run in a 96 (or even 384)-well format with only a few microliters of testing material, allowing for medium to high throughput. The percentage of infection is calculated by counting the number of cells that express virus antigens. Our microneutralization test, which uses ELISA or immunofluorescence and high-content imaging, can provide you with high-quality results in two days.


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