Anti-MARV Drug Discovery Products

Marburg virus (MARV) is a hemorrhagic fever virus that is closely related to Ebola virus. It is a member of the Marburgvirus genus within the Filoviridae family. MARV infection can cause hemorrhagic fever in both humans and nonhuman primates. MARV infection can lead to severe illness with symptoms including fever, bleeding, shock, and multiple organ failure. The treatment of MARV infection is supportive care, since there are no effective antiviral drugs or vaccines currently available.

The structural proteins include matrix protein (VP40) and glycoprotein (GP). GP plays a major role in viral attachment and entry and is also a major target for the immune system. VP40 forms the viral envelope and is involved in virus assembly and budding. Non-structural proteins include the viral protein 35 (VP35), which is involved in viral replication and antagonizes the host immune response, and the viral protein 30 (VP30), which regulates viral transcription and replication.

At Creative Biolabs, we offer a variety of anti-MARV antibodies to assist researchers in their studies of this virus.

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