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Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced core technologies, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to developing various antibodies against thousands of viral antigens. All products are produced in-house and follow strict quality control. Our staff has rich experience in tackling some of the more difficult targets and reaching your goals faster. For antibodies targeting some rare viruses, that are not available in the market, we offer high-quality custom antibody services. We are passionate about partnering with teams in the academic, diagnostic, and biopharmaceutical fields. We are a reliable partner, offering products and services to help our partners solve antibody-related problems and turn their ideas into a reality. We are more than pleased to share our experience and technologies to support the development of research, diagnostic, and therapeutic tools.
Partner with us to

  • Give full play to the advantages of each other
  • To make breakthroughs quicker than before
  • Speed up innovation in the fastest and most optimal way
  • Maintain connections to the global scientific community

Would you like an experienced, reliable collaborator? Contact and have a close dialogue with us.

Virus Research Area

We focus on the following viral infection research including but not limited to

  • Respiratory Infections
  • Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
  • Neurological Infections
  • Exanthematous Viral Infections
  • Hepatic Infections
  • Cutaneous or Mucosal Infections
  • Immunodeficiency

We value collaboration with like-minded partners ! We welcome you to discuss opportunities for working together.

Partnering Models

Creative Biolabs is looking for an actively sought-out innovation partner. We are happy to build close and lasting relationships with our partners. Whether it’s in-and-out licensing, collaborative R&D, or strategic alliances, we’re eager to collaborate with our partners to drive some of the biggest breakthroughs in science and medicine. No matter the type of your engagement, you can rely on our expertise and benefit from a variety of custom services. It’s a win-win situation. Please feel free to contact us for further conversation and we would like to hear your feedback too.

Ready to collaborate? Let’s discover, create, or analyze the next breakthrough in virology research!

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