Anti-ASFV Drug Discovery Products

African swine fever virus (ASFV) is a member of the Asfarviridae family. This virus causes African swine fever (ASF) in pigs and wild boar. ASF is mainly endemic in Africa and has recently emerged in Europe, Asia, and South America. The virus is transmitted by ticks.

The ASFV virion is pleomorphic and ranges from 400 to 600 nm in size. The genome is a large, circular, double-stranded DNA that encodes at least 150 proteins. The early genes encode proteins required for viral replication, while the intermediate genes encode proteins involved in structural and metabolic processes. The late genes encode structural proteins and enzymes.

ASFV has a unique structure compared to other viruses in the Asfarviridae family. It lacks an outer lipid envelope and has a rigid protein capsid. The capsid protein of ASFV is a major immunogen that stimulates the host immune response during infection. At Creative Biolabs, we offer anti-ASFV antibodies to assist researchers in their ASFV research.

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