Q1. About the Product

Q1-1. If I need a product that could not find on your website, what should I do?
A1-1. Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody is always doing our best to meet your requirements. For the product not covered on the website (https://viroantibody.creative-biolabs.com), please contact us and you will get a timely and satisfactory reply.
Q1-2. If the species of reactivity or application of the product does not fit my research, what should I do?
A1-2. The species reactivity and applications of each product should be the latest and most complete. You can contact us to get the recommended product that meets your needs.
Q1-3. Do you provide conjugated antibodies?
A1-3. We offer customized conjugation service and have some conjugated antibodies in stock, but not sure what you're interested in. Please contact us for further information.
Q1-4. What method does Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody use to purify the products?
A1-4. Protein purification at Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody is often performed using affinity chromatography with protein A/G/L columns and then subjected to sterile filtration to get a general >95% purity determined by SDS-PAGE.
Q1-5. How long is the shelf life of the antibodies at Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody?
A1-5. One year after the arrival of antibody.
Q1-6. Any suggestions for the storage of antibodies?
A1-6. For most antibodies, freezing at -20°C in an aliquot is the optimal storage condition. It is recommended to aliquot the product into two parts:
1) Store at 4°C: short-term (1-2 weeks) and ready-to-use group.
2) Store at -20°C: long-term and future use group.
Exceptions. Conjugated antibodies including fluorochromes, enzymes (e.g. HRP), or biotin should be stored in the dark at 4°C and not be frozen at all.

Q2. About the Quote

Q2-1. How to get in touch with Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody
A2-1. Our Contact Information
Website: https://viroantibody.creative-biolabs.com



Q2-2. How to get a quote and the knowledge of availability?
A2-2. Please check the website or contact us at info@creative-biolabs.com. In the email, please indicate the catalog and quantity of the product you need. If there is any specific requirement for conjugation, endotoxin, or application, please write to us in your email to help us understand better what service we could provide. The information of quote and product availability will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Q2-3. If I want to get a discount, what should I do?
A2-3. You can get discounts by participating in the promotions on the home page we held from time to time and ordering bulk quantities to get a discount. For customized quotations on bulk quantities or your specific requirements, please reach out to our customer service team at info@creative-biolabs.com.

Q3. About the Order

Q3-1. How to place an order?
A3-1. You can send your purchase order to the email address info@creative-biolabs.com and it will be processed immediately.
Q3-2. What information is needed to place the order?
A3-2. Please provide the following information to us:
1. Name
2. Telephone Number and Email Address
3. Customer Account
4. Company or Institution Name
5. Shipping and Billing Address(es)
6. Payment Method
7. Product Catalog Number and Description
8. Quantity
9. VAT Number (If Applicable)
Q3-3. How to know the status of the order?
A3-3. For customized projects, Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody ordinarily sends the follow-up emails with the latest progress every one to two weeks. If you need more information, please contact us and you will get what you want.
Q3-4. How to know the distributor information?
A3-4. Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody has global distributors and you can find their contact information on our webpage.
Q3-5. How to change or cancel an order?
A3-5. If you have any problem or something unclear about the order, please kindly contact us by email at info@creative-biolabs.com. We will work together to give you a satisfactory solution.

Q4. About the Shipment

Q4-1. How to know the shipping cost and delivery time?
A4-1. The product shipping cost and lead time depend on carrier-related fees, logistics service charges, freight-associated charges, and zone-specific charges. If you have any questions or if some information is unclear, please feel free to contact us at Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody.
Q4-2. How to deal with customs clearance?
A4-2. Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody has mature and standard shipment processes that could help transport our products worldwide. If our national customers have any concerns about customs clearance, please contact us directly and we'll give you an answer full of enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Q5. About the Payment

Q5-1. What types of payment methods could be used in the product payment?
A5-1. Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody is pleased to accept payment by debit cards, credit cards, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, cash, paper checks, eChecks, digital payments, and PayPal. All transactions are confidential.
Q5-2. How long the payment is due?
A5-2. Payment is due net 30 days from the invoice date at Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody.

Q6. About the Product Arrival and Return

Q6-1. What should do if the package is damaged or short in quantity?
A6-1. Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody conducts a comprehensive inspection of each package before shipping to ensure that it includes all items listed on the packing slip. Any actual damages or short for the package should be reported directly to Creative Biolabs ViroAntibody with pictures of the initial arrival status within 5 days after your receipt of the package.
Q6-2. How to return the product?
A6-2. Please contact our customer service team for authorization of product return. Kindly please note that all product returns should be confirmed to receive the proper credit.

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