Anti-APMV Drug Discovery Products

Avian Paramyxovirus (APMV) is a highly infectious virus that belongs to the Paramyxovirus genus of the Paramyxoviridae family. The virus targets the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, and nervous system of birds. APMV is a negative-sense single-stranded RNA virus. The genome encodes several important proteins, including the fusion protein.

There are several serotypes of APMV, with APMV-1 being the most common and well-known, also known as Newcastle disease virus (NDV). The range of symptoms in birds varies depending on the serotype and host species, some common symptoms include respiratory distress, nasal discharge, decreased egg production, and nervous diseases. In severe cases, APMV can cause high mortality rates in infected birds. Vaccines are commonly used to prevent APMV infections in birds, with several serotypes of APMV being available including APMV-1, APMV-2, and APMV-3.

At Creative Biolabs, we offer a wide range of anti-APMV antibody products for research use. These antibodies have been carefully validated to ensure their specificity and cross-reactivity with different serotypes of APMV.

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