Anti-CDV Drug Discovery Products

Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) is a member of the Paramyxoviridae family and the Morbillivirus genus. This enveloped virus, commonly referred to as CDV, is known for its impact on a variety of hosts, including domestic dogs, foxes, and even certain wildlife species. As a single-stranded RNA virus, CDV exhibits multiple genotypes, contributing to its ability to cause a spectrum of diseases in susceptible hosts. The virus primarily infects the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems, leading to a range of symptoms from fever and respiratory distress to neurological complications. CDV transmission occurs through aerosolized respiratory secretions and direct contact, making it a significant concern in crowded or unvaccinated populations. The virus contains the helical nucleocapsid within its enveloped structure, highlighting key proteins essential for viral replication and host cell entry. Creative Biolabs offers anti-CDV antibody products to help clients better understand the Canine Distemper Virus.

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