Anti-BPV Drug Discovery Products

Bovine Papillomavirus (BPV) is a virus with a significant impact on both veterinary and medical fields. Belonging to the Papillomaviridae family, BPV is a diverse group of viruses with various subtypes and genotypes. These viruses are further classified into different genera, reflecting their biological diversity. BPV is known for its role in causing papillomas or warts in cattle, affecting various epithelial tissues. The genome of BPV is comprised of circular double-stranded DNA, encoding both structural and non-structural proteins.

Virus infection occurs primarily in cattle, particularly affecting cutaneous and mucosal surfaces. While the virus targets a broad spectrum of hosts within the bovine population, certain susceptible groups may exhibit more severe manifestations. Cross-species transmission is generally limited to cattle, and related diseases include fibropapillomas, which manifest as benign tumors. Symptoms vary but commonly involve the development of warts, with transmission routes typically involving direct contact.

For an unpopular virus like BPV, it is essential to delve into its discovery, distribution, and genomic analysis. This knowledge enhances our understanding of the virus, contributing to improved diagnostics and potential therapeutic interventions. At Creative Biolabs, our commitment to providing high-quality virus antibody and probe products stems from a comprehensive understanding of the virus's biology.

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