ViroAntibody Customized Services

Leverage the extensive experience and expertise of our scientists, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to delivering high-performance antibody solutions to accelerate your virology basic research and diagnostic, therapeutic programs. Our consultative, stage-gated approach mitigates risk, saves time and increases the probability of your project successfully moving forward. Our ViroAntibody customized services include bulk production of a catalog antibody, custom antibody development, antibody conjugation, and customized viroassay etc.

Custom ViroAssay

Creative Biolabs provides a variety of ViroAssays including evaluating and selecting the neutralizing functions of antibody candidates against different substances. We offer antibody neutralization assays that are specifically designed to measure antibody neutralization activities against virus targets.

Bulk Production of Antibodies

Creative Biolabs provides large scale production and purification of virology antibodies for assay manufacturing or a specific project, either on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing supply arrangement.

Custom Antibody Development

Creative Biolabs generates custom monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies from scratch. We will work with customers from immunogen design through purification and QC to ensure antibody specificity and long term supply with our expert development team.

Antibody Conjugation

Creative Biolabs offers a large portfolio of conjugated antibodies. We provide conjugated antibodies linked to a variety of colorimetric and fluorescent labels for detection, purification, sorting, and microscopy applications. The following conjugates are availale, but not limited to these. Please reach out to our scientists for specific requirements.

Biotin | FITC | HRP | PE | APC | RBITC | Cy2, 3, 5 | Alexa Fluor | PerCP | Co-Au | DyLight

Unique Benefits

  • Precision: Deliver antibodies that meet or exceed specifications.
  • Agility: All services are based on customers' objective and personalized workflows.
  • Accuracy: Accurately screen for the desired antibody with accurate data.
  • Flexibility: Support our clients, everywhere or every day.

ViroAntibody Customized Services

At Creative Biolabs, our experts can help customers make progress faster, stay ahead of your competition and find the time to address the challenges ahead. We are renowned for quality, innovation, and customer focus. Our ViroAntibody customized services provide high-quality products, designed just for you, advancing your virology researches. Moreover, we offer ViroAntibody discovery and ViroAntibody engineering services. If you are interested in virology antibody services, please contact us for more information.

All products and services are intended for Research Use Only, and NOT to be used in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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