Antibodies Engineering

Owing to their high affinity and selectivity for the target antigen, and diverse excellent property, antibodies hold prominent positions in the pipelines of major biopharmaceutical companies. Hybridoma technology opened a new horizon in the production of highly pure and specific antibodies. Later, to improve the availability of humanized or chimeric murine antibodies, advances in genetic engineering techniques, phage display techniques, single B cell antibody technology and the human antibody mouse technology have allowed producing highly specific recombinant antibodies. The field of antibody engineering has become a vital and integral part of making new, improved next-generation therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, of which there are currently more than 300 clinical trials across several therapeutic areas.

Chronological timeline of major scientific developments in the field of antibody engineering. Fig.1 Chronological timeline of major scientific developments in the field of antibody engineering. (Arbabi-Ghahroudi, 2017)

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Antibody engineering holds the potential for creating antibodies with multiple specificities, greater affinity for their targets, and fewer side effects. Over the years, Creative Biolabs has invested in multitudes of antibody technology including antibody humanization, recombinant antibody technology, and bispecific antibody development. Workflows for hybridoma, phage display, and yeast display technology platforms have been optimized for high-quality antibody discovery and are available for immunizations, panning and screening, cloning and sequencing, humanization, and affinity maturation. Based on the engineering antibody platform and technical advantages, we can provide a one-stop service for antibody engineering and production including chimeric antibody construction, antibody fragment production, Fc engineering and bispecifics. We are here to give you important support about multiple engineering attempts and better study of antibody properties.

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Antibodies Engineering

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Creative Biolabs provides a range of services for the designing and production of antibodies. These can be provided as stand-alone services or integrated with larger projects. Our unique platform reduces cost and delivers reliable results while maintaining an exceptional degree of flexibility. We can be your solution for antibody engineering-driving your research from any stage to the final production of engineering antibodies. Our scientists are fully confident in accomplishing even the most challenging antibody engineering project. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for further information.


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