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Avian Avulavirus-1 (AAvV-1) is a member of the Avulavirus genus within the Paramyxoviridae family, and its isolates are commonly referred to as Newcastle disease viruses (NDV). The virus can infect all orders of avian species, and virulent strains can cause severe clinical symptoms. The virion is a virus that is enveloped and has diameters ranging from 100 to 500 nm. AAvV-1 has a 15.2 kb negative-sense, nonsegmented RNA genome that codes for six structural proteins, including an RNA-directed RNA polymerase (L), hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) protein, fusion (F) protein, matrix (M) protein, phosphoprotein (P), and nucleoprotein (N). In addition to the structural (P) protein, the P gene also encodes two nonstructural (V and W) proteins.

AAvV-1 structure.Fig.1 AAvV-1 structure. Left (Bello, et al., 2018); Right (Bello, et al., 2018).

Structural Proteins

The viral replication complex, which includes the L, N, and P proteins, is responsible for viral genome transcription and replication. Virus attachment and entry are facilitated by the F and HN proteins. AAvV-1 virulence and infectivity are dependent on both F and HN proteins. The M protein is essential for virus assembly and budding.

Classification of AAvV-1

NDV strains are classified as lentogenic (low-virulence or avirulent), mesogenic, or velogenic based on their pathogenicity and virulence in infected chickens (fully virulent). All NDV strains are of the same serotype. AAvV-1 viruses are classified into two classes based on the F-protein gene, each with distinct genotypes and subgenotypes. Class I isolates are mostly low virulent, but one virulent isolate has been included in that classification. Class I viruses are found all over the world and are further classified into nine genotypes. Class II AAvV-1 isolates have greater genetic diversity and are divided into at least 21 genotypes (named I to XXI) with greater than 10% sequence differences, many of which are further differentiated into sub-genotypes.

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