African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV)


The African swine fever virus (ASFV) is extremely contagious and frequently fatal. It causes a deadly hemorrhagic disease in pigs while remaining asymptomatic in natural suid reservoir hosts. ASF is one of the most economically damaging swine diseases. ASFV is the sole member of the Asfarviridae family and a large, intracytoplasmically replicating DNA arbovirus. It was first discovered in Kenya in 1910 in domestic swine after contact with forest pigs and warthogs. The virus is currently spreading around the world. It has a complicated structure. Several genotypes can be found all over the world. Vietnam has successfully produced an ASFV vaccine, but it has been temporarily halted due to safety concerns.

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Viral Genome and Proteins

The ASFV is an icosahedral spherical structure or integral viral particle that measures 175 to 215 nm in diameter. Concentric layers form the virions: the internal core, the core shell, the inner membrane, the capsid, and the external envelope.

The viral genome is a linear double-stranded DNA with a size that varies depending on the virus genotype or isolated strain. The genome is divided into three sections: the left variable region (38-48 kb), the central conserved region (about 125 kb), and the right variable region (RVR, 13-22 kb). More than 150 ORFs encode 150-200 viral proteins, including 68 structural proteins and over 100 non-structural proteins. The genome encodes many proteins involved in virus assembly, DNA replication, and repair, as well as host defense evasion. Nearly half of the proteins' functions are unknown and must be investigated.

ASFV structure.Fig.1 ASFV structure. (Wang, et al., 2021).

Types of ASFVs

Based on the viral hemagglutinin CD2-like protein (CD2v) and C-type lectin, ASFVs are divided into eight serotypes. CD2v proteins are frequently truncated in attenuated strains. Hemadsorption inhibition serotype-specific ASF protective immunity is possible.

ASFV strains from various countries are currently classified into 24 genotypes based on sequencing of the B646L gene, which encodes the major capsid protein p72. The majority of these strains are genotypes I and II. The majority of these genotypes are associated with specific geographical regions, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Geographical distribution of ASFVs.Fig.2 Geographical distribution of ASFVs. (Shen, et al., 2022)

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