Virus Type (Veterinary Disease)

The study of viruses in non-human animals is known as veterinary virology. It is a vital area of veterinary medicine. Veterinary viral diseases have an impact on the health of livestock, companion animals, and wildlife. Many of these diseases are contagious to humans (zoonoses). These viral diseases not only endanger both animals and humans, but they may also have significant socioeconomic consequences. To address these concerns, Creative Biolabs is proud to introduce a wide range of antibody products to advance veterinary science research. We help veterinary researchers by constantly expanding our inventory of reagents for virology and immunology.

Creative Biolabs has a team of infectious disease experts from both animals and humans. We provide off-the-shelf antibodies for veterinary immune research, translational research for human disease models, and applied animal health investigation. We can also provide custom antibody and development services at various scales to meet your needs. In addition, we provide secondary antibodies that can be used in a variety of research applications, such as our HRP-conjugated antibodies for ELISA, IHC, and Western blot.

Antibodies by Virus Types

Our products include the most commonly used antibodies against veterinary viruses. Most viruses only infect one or a few species. The viruses are classified as follows based on infected animals. Our scientists have extensive experience and technical expertise to meet your specific requirements. If you are unable to locate your desired antibody, please contact our antibody experts.

Creative Biolabs collaborates with research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and laboratory diagnostics. We are constantly striving to release new specificities and expanded format options to expand research opportunities in veterinary research. Please contact us for more information, a quote, or to set up a teleconference.

All products and services are intended for Research Use Only, and NOT to be used in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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